December 01, 2013

An intro to this new blog: What have changed ?

Almost a year, i tried to get myself involved in blogging community. It was not as good as i expected.

When i started, i was not prepared, i did not have any content, i was not experienced and did not have some kind of minimal knowledge in domains i wanted to talk about: System administration (mainly on Linux, i’m currently not good at Windows stuffs) and Python development, because these where the stuffs i loved, a year ago.

The trigger

Meanwhile, i have been in an internship at Kozea which has been a great step in my IT Student life, and more … A great team, working on great projects. That’s it. It gave me more subjects to talk about, a better technical backend, and a «think about it, first» attitude, in that, prior, when i was facing a programming or almost any computer science problem, i used to rush headlong. No need to say it never worked.

What have changed ?

So, on this 2013 year-end, I come again trying to open a blog. But this time, it’s different. I have content, a better technical backend, some global knowledge about most of the current technos, in devevelopment as well as in Linux ecosystem. And, last but not least, i am not going to set myself some unachievable goals like «Write 1 post per day, all the year». This time is gone and, anyway, i am not good enough currently to set myself this type of goal. Maybe one day.

What i will be talking about.

This has nothing definitive. I will be talking about many stuffs, from technical to personal (at a certain level), or even raging on something. But, it will be, mainly, some Linux/Unix posts on technos such as Linux Containers, OpenVZ, Clusters. On the development level, it could be anything about Python language, Node.js (that i’m discovering), language learning, learning curves, or personal projects.

The Final !

Last stuff, the langage. It can be weird (or not), but i have better writing skills in english than in french. Weird in that i have been living in two African countries with french as official language. Then i started University in France. All French-speaking countries, but i can’t write technical stuffs in french. So, i decided to write in english this time.

Excuse me by advance if i write something you, native english speaking person, could laugh for …

Thanks ! And see you soon for some cool thoughts.